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Side Projects Screenshot

pointerFx is a web application designed for ultra-simple curve fitting and regression analysis. It allows users to intuitively draw functions directly using a pointer or touch input. These curves are then simplified using the Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm, followed by curve fitting using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm across various mathematical functions. The application uses web workers, to enable multithreaded processing. Users can visualize all function fits on a graph, with the flexibility to adjust the original data points to refine their results.


  • Nuxt.js & Vue.js: SPA (Single Page Application)
  • Web Workers: Used to offload intensive computing tasks, ensuring a responsive interface by performing curve fitting operations in parallel.
  • CSS3 & Native HTML Canvas: Custom graphing functions that provide a visual representation of curve fitting. Screenshot is an easy-to-use web application to make use of Midjourney thumbnails. It allows users to split batches of Midjourney images each into four separate images for individual use or quick re-prompts in Midjourney with a pre-seeded image prompt. The app has a straightforward UI/UX and supports drag-and-drop uploads or direct link pasting for image inputs. By using web workers and an offscreen canvas, ensures fast image processing without blocking the main thread.


  • Nuxt.js & Vue.js: SSG (Static Site Generation)
  • Web Workers & Offscreen Canvas: Integrated to handle image splitting operations in the background.
  • Tailwind CSS: responsive design and clean and easy UI look

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